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Not Getting Recognition And Promotion?

Balance the north and south zones of your house and building. North is the area which brings about new opportunities and more money or financial benefits. The energy of this zone is responsible to encourage you to do your best and be appreciated by the people who can offer you better financial benefits. If this zone in your home or office is full of clutter or there is a toilet in this area, you will be stuck in a thankless job and whatever you do, no one will take notice and offer you anything. North is the zone of planet Mercury which is the lord of intellect and brain power. It is fluent like water and if the direction of Mercury is strong, you will have the benefits of brain power and will be fluent enough to take advantage of the newer opportunities.

To keep the beneficial energy of this zone, avoid red or yellow colours in this zone and put a vibrant green landscape picture in black frame on the wall.

Similarly, South is the direction of fame. If balanced, this energy will ensure that people give you due appreciation and recognition. You may keep your bedroom in this direction.

Vastu tip:

You are very helpful by nature but at your time of need, no one helps you or support you. Why the people are so cruel or selfish?

Help and support from friends or mentors is the direct result of the energies that are flowing from the North West direction of your house or building. Vastushastra says that North West is the area of air element and the planet Moon rules this area. As you already know, the Moon represents our mind and emotions. If the zone of Moon is blocked or weak due to elemental imbalances, we face emotional troubles and our friends and supporters drift away from us. If you have red or green colours in this area your friends and well wishers won't be able to understand you and many misunderstandings will emerge.

Put some silverware in this area with a pair of white and black rabbits. This will enhance the positive energy of this zone giving you good network of helping people and solid support. Along with this you must make sure that the East zone in your house is also well balanced. This will be good for social connectivity.

Vastu tip:

We used to be very quick in taking big decisions. Why now we feel so confused and can not make a decision?

Vastu can help you to overcome this problem. Check the north east area of your home and work place.

If you have a toilet or store in North East and some elemental imbalance there, your mind will remain confused with anxiety levels very high and there will be no mental clarity. In this situation making decisions becomes very hard. If you can, shift the toilet to East- south- east zone or simply close the toilet. If you have a store there, paint the walls light green and energize the area with energy enhancers. Try to keep this area clutter free as clutter in this area will clutter up your mind too.

Vastu tip:

Since we moved in our new and beautiful house, my husband is facing a lot of stress and tension at work. And his temper is also creating problems at home. I am having trouble too in sleeping peacefully. Is there any vastu dosha in the house that needs to be corrected? or this house itself is unlucky for us?

Sometimes the weakness of positive energy fields in a building creates unwanted stress and tensions in different fields of life. If the zone of relaxation is somehow getting blocked or disturbed, the residents feel restless and stressed out.

Check if you have blue/black colour or water tank in the south zone. If yes, remove it and put shades of red there. It will enhance the positive energy of fame and relaxation.