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Vastu Evaluation Before Buying A House; A Step Towards Prosperity And Happiness

Buying a house is a very important decision and generally our biggest investment. Before buying a property, we keep in mind so many things like area, location, community, schools, facilities for transit and shopping etc. A good realtor can help us find our dream home which can fulfill our expectations and where the whole family will be able to live happily.

After carefully choosing the right property, we hire a certified building inspector who can assure us about the strengths and weaknesses of the structure. Based on his findings we decide to buy the property or not.

At the same time, we should hire a vastu consultant too. He can tell us wether the house is vastu-compiant or not.

Vastushastra deals with the energy structure of the building. A vastu consultant can look into the positive and negative energy flow in the built-up structure and the surroundings of the building. These energies have profound effect on the health, wealth and happiness of the residents. The direction of the house, the main entrance, effects of five elements and directional strength of different room locations or activity areas, all create positive or negative effects on our life.

In a vastu-compliant home these elements and directional energies are balanced and the life of residents become full of zeal and zest. They can achieve their goals and fulfil their desires easily.

If the house is not vastu-compliant, imbalance and weakness of positive energies create many problems in life like financial problems, relationship troubles, health issues, social and mental tensions etc.

Applying the principles of vastu, a vastu consultant can identify the cause of imbalance and can suggest the remedies for making the building vastu compliant. Vastu-rectification can be done with simple easy to apply logical remedies without demolition or reconstruction.

So make sure before making the biggest investment, that the house you are buying is strong architecturally and fulfills the vastu guidelines too.

Calling the building inspector and vastu consultant before making the final decision will make your stay in the house comfortable and full of joy.