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Vastu Evaluation Before Buying A House; A Step Towards Prosperity And Happiness
Vastu evaluation before buying a house; A step towards prosperity and happiness

Buying a house is a very important decision and generally our biggest investment. Before buying a property, we keep in mind so many things like area, location, community, schools, facilities for transit and shopping etc. A good realtor can help us find our dream home which can fulfill our expectations and where the whole family will be able to live happily. After carefully choosing the right property, we hire a certified building inspector who can assure us about the strengths and weaknesses of the structure. B...

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Relationship And Vastu
Relationship and Vastu

In our life relationship plays a major role for happiness and social connectivity. In any family the binding force is the strength of different relations. Parents and children, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, they are all important for the well being of the family as a whole as well as their personal growth. If there is sweetness and understanding in relationships, life becomes comfortable and full of joy. Vastushastra says that keeping our relations intact needs a lot of skill. Understanding the needs and ...

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Understanding Directions And Their Benefits
Understanding Directions and Their Benefits

1. The direction of mental peace and clarity in your home. North east is the direction of mental clarity and the zone of getting connected with God and our own self. This area in the house should be kept neat and clean. Clutter in this area fills the mind with unnecessary worries and making a wise decision becomes imposible. You can keep your temple or puja room here. Doing meditation and getting connected with higher vibrations of peace is easier in this zone. If you are working in management and planning dept...

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Not Getting Recognition And Promotion?
Not getting Recognition and Promotion?

Balance the north and south zones of your house and building. North is the area which brings about new opportunities and more money or financial benefits. The energy of this zone is responsible to encourage you to do your best and be appreciated by the people who can offer you better financial benefits. If this zone in your home or office is full of clutter or there is a toilet in this area, you will be stuck in a thankless job and whatever you do, no one will take notice and offer you anything. North is the zone o...

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